2018 AMA National - Western Series

April 28-29th @ Texas Creek - Rounds 3 & 4
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pdf**Competitor Information**

*Update* There will NOT be any Colorado OHV tags for sale at the event - competitors must purchase before you get to Texas Creek.

The RMTA will be hosting these rounds at the Texas Creek OHV area. Click here for some trail system information. Almost all of the sections may be visited via the existing ATV trails and Jeep roads, making for good spectating.

Any riders, minders, or spectators operating an OHV will need to have both a spark arrestor and a current Colorado OHV tag. Informaton on tags can be found here. Tags are available at some local stores including WalMart.

Spectator Fees: There is no fee for spectating, land use, or camping, but complaining will be expensive. Please keep dogs on a leash and clean up after them.

Spectator Camping: The pits will be in a designated area with convienient access - this will be reserved for team pits and event staff only. Dispersed camping is allowed (following the BLM land use rules) for all other users.

For spectating purposes, the first rider will go out @ 9:00AM on both Saturday and Sunday.

Trials masters: Kevin Busch, Keith Busch, Anthony & Dominic Bosco

Volunteer checkers are greatly needed. Please contact Chris Hertrich at 719-239-1234 if you would be able to help out!

The nearest ammenities will be found in Canon City, CO (about 30 min east of Texas Creek on Highway 50).

Google Map to Texas Creek OHV area: